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Welcome to our office.

And Welcome to Commonsense Chiropractic Care

Whatever your reasons and HealthCare needs,...we will do our best to help you attain your optimal health during your time spent with us.

Many people come to our offices for musculo-skeletal problems only,...BUT we want to make you aware that Chiropractic care takes care of so much more than BACKPAIN, NECKPAIN, ARM AND HAND PAIN or SCIATICA (pain in the lower back and down the legs). We have helped many people with Asthma, high blood pressure, skin conditions, PMS, ear infections, menstrual problems, infertility, headaches, allergies, arthritis, colds, flu, visual problems, bedwetting problems, NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES and many other problems. But we have found as will you,...that people seek Chiropractic Care for HEALTH ENHANCEMENT, RELAXATION, GREATER LIFE ENJOYMENT, BETTER SPORTS PERFORMANCE, HIGHER RESISTANCE TO DISEASE, CLEARER THINKING, MORE COMFORTABLE PREGNANCIES and MORE ENERGY.

Just as you get your teeth and vision checked periodically, so should you and your family have their spines checked during the year. Unfortunately most of us never have this done and it shows. Most people's spines are suffering from a lifetime of neglect. SO...WHAT CAN WE DO TO CORRECT, HEAL AND MAINTAIN OUR SPINES AND NERVOUS SYSTEM?

Our goal in our offices is to relieve you of the misalignments of your spine {VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION}, so your nerves, muscles, ligaments, joints, bones and internal organs may function better. The CHANGES can be immediate or they may take depends on many factors.....age, diet, lifestyle, quality of air, food and water you take in, inherited weaknesses, how you handle emotional stress, your use of drugs, exercise, relaxation how healthy your spine is when you enter our offices and regularity of Chiropractic Care.

Most people wait for symptoms to appear before they do something about their health. This approach can actually be more expensive and dangerous since many symptoms occur after MONTHS or YEARS of body MALFUNCTION. Now is the time to ensure your health and the health of your love ones. I think you'll agree with us that a healthy spine is absolutely essential and can improve your life!!!!!!!!!

Our bare minimum recommendations for Chiropractic Care is once every 3-6 months {2-4 times per year}, once corrective care has been completed. Remember there are no spare parts for your spine or nervous system. Maintaining them is the best approach. Our methods include SUBLUXATION CORRECTION by Chiropractic { Hand and Instrumental} Adjustive Techniques and Nutritional Counseling. We can not prescribe drugs, only a medical professional can do this. We will assist you in processing insurance forms and we will accept fee schedules for those programs we are providers for. You will be responsible for any deductibles or copayments when care is given.

CONCLUSION: CHIROPRACTIC.....PROVEN to be a safe, natural, drugless way to GOOD health of millions of people....INCLUDING YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

Thank You    Denise  and  Dr Lee DeBlon

Lords Valley, Hawley            
   438 Route 739

By Appointment
 Monday to Friday
  10:00am to 6pm
  10:00am - Noon




 Timely Tips from Dr. Sherry  Roger's MD Total Wellness Newsletter,

Prescription Meds A Major Cause of Hospitalization

"We are paying heavily for the love affair that medicine has with the pharmaceutical industry. As the New England Journal of Medicine showed, the United States government's Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 100,000 hospitalizations for (prescription ) Rx drug reactions occur every year for people over 65. But these admissions are for folks who have recognised reactions to their prescribed drugs. This does not count (1) the majority of folks who are under 65, nor (2) those who have reactions to medications which are not recognised as drug reactions by their physicians.

Medications like diabetes pills and blood thinners are not considered high risk medications, but are the types of prescription medications behind most emergency room visits and hospital admissions. For example, the diabetes drug (generic) metformin (Glucophage, etc.) not only does not cure diabetes, but it creates deficiencies of B12, folic acid, Co Q 10, and other nutrients. These nutrient deficiencies can then silently usher in new diseases, from Arteriosclerosis, and bizarre neuropathies to Alzheimer's and cancer. And no one is any wiser since they never dreamed that the two ( the drug and the new disease ) were related. Plus their physician missed the hugh opportunity to cure the disease.

Then of course there are the even more numerous medical problems caused by drugs that are rarely recognised. For example, Cipro and some other antibiotics can cause sudden tendon rupture or mimic fasciitis or carpal tunnel syndrome or Dupuytrens. Other drug side effects may take years to create problems such as cancers or Alzheimers from the statins like Lipitor, deterioration of the brain and IQ with calcium blockers like Norvasc, or deterioration of joint cartilage creating "bone on bone" from NSAIDS like Motrin, Clebrex, and Aleve.

The bottom line is drugs and devices generally do not cure. Furthermore , they allow the disease to snowball since the underlying cause was never searched for or worse was never corrected. And this quick fix reliance on drugs is now the number one cause of hospital admissions, which we are all paying for! "