What about frequency of care?

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What should someone do when they don’t agree with the recommendations of a Chiropractor?

If one had questions about the care recommended, such as; (3 office visits per week for 1-4 months);  the signing of contracts for a years worth of care ( with deep discounts for paying cash up front ) or any other plan that makes the potential patient wonder “what is going on here?”; … I would suggest seeking a second Chiropractic opinion of the care you need.

If one has concerns about being pressured to buy neck pillows, back pillows, cold and hot preparations or vitamins, … I would seek a second Chiropractic opinion.

Most people in our offices will see some kind of positive changes in 3-5 office visits. It is rare that people will need more than that unless there are  accidents and injuries involved. But even our average car accident or workers compensation case is not being seen 3 times per week for more than 2 weeks, … because that kind of care is usually not necessary.

When I see  people from other Chiropractic offices and examine them,… I  do not discuss the previously recommended care with them until after I make my recommendations. It’s at this time that the potential patient volunteers the large quantity of office visits recommended by the other Chiropractor. It still amazes me to hear 85 visits for the year and one has to sign a contract, … or I’ll hear that they must see the Chiropractor 3 times per week for 1-4 months. They also have to be reexamined and re-x-rayed  a second  and possibly a 3rd time.

Again, … my statement to you the readers of this column is to get on the phone  and call around to see if this is the norm and seek a second or third opinion. The bottom line is, … do you feel comfortable with the Chiropractor and the recommendations he/she is making to you? I’m not saying to search until you find a doctor who agrees with everything you say either. You want to develop a relationship with someone you trust, … someone who treats you the way they would want to be treated.

If the office manager won’t answer your questions over the phone, if the office manager insists that a potential patient must make an appointment to speak to the doctor because he is to busy to return phone calls; … I would call around and find an office that will take the time with you on the phone and answer your questions without requiring you to make an appointment. At the very least return your call later when there is a break. I would also ask about anything that concerns you, … such as routine x-rays, frequency of care, calling patients at home with high pressure tactics, pressuring all patients to buy vitamins, pain relieving gels or any other product or pet procedure the Chiropractor is pushing.

If upon meeting with the Chiropractor and their staff and you feel that you are being pressured into anything, … or that your questions are not being satisfactorily answered, … or if someone tries to intimidate you with questions like; …Where did you go to Chiropractic school?  Or  … I’m the doctor, … just follow my recommendations or you’re going to have serious problems; … I would recommend seeking a second opinion and tell them so.

I personally have a problem with high pressure tactics. I have always felt that this is being done to intimidate patients into the recommended care. Ask your neighbors and friends who have been to these doctors what their recommendations were?   You’ll probably find out that everyone gets the same recommendations.

Denise and I run a “MOM and POP” NO-NONSENSE, NO PRESSURE, NO SCARE TACTICS, NO 3 TIMES PER WEEK FOREVER, …Family Chiropractic office. We Treat People the Way we want our family and ourselves treated. 
Some people might consider me too laid back, too talkative; … but I’d rather talk too much than not enough and not answer all the patients questions. And if I don’t have the answers, … I admit it and find the answers or other sources the patient can turn to for help. On this note, there is a good website for checking out drugs, the side effects and possible interreactions with other drugs one might be taking. The website is   www.drugdigest.com  and a second one is drkoop.com.

We teach our patients common sensensical home methods and how to know when they need to seek care from us. We are only a phone call away from any patient so do not hesitate to call our offices with questions about anything. I always return phone calls … because that’s what I’d want any doctor to do for me.  I (Dr. Lee DeBlon) can be called at either office by dialing 253-0904 or 775-6656. We have always offered a FREE Examination and Consultation with NO PRESSURE to start care.